Why pursue Jesus now?

Why not enjoy life now, do whatever I want and then pursue Jesus later…after I’ve had all my fun? This was the question we discussed last night at our high school group. It’s is a good question,... Read More

What’s your nut?

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What’s your nut? What is the thing in your life that you try to protect or hold onto at all cost? What is the thing in your life that you are most of afraid of losing? The good news of Jesus is that... Read More

Jesus is not fragile

Sometimes I think we approach Jesus as if we could break Him.  As if we could vent too much to Him, to the point where He would respond, “no more, that’s too much…quit it, you’re stressin... Read More

Jesus and guns

In all the talk about guns there seems to be a perspective that is missing– that of Jesus. Sure there are a lot of Christians who have provided their opinions, but often they sound the same as o... Read More