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  1. Alan, Tim and I so much enjoyed and were heartened by your sermon this morning(Jan.10). So meaningful in this time when not only is our country divided by every little thing, but Satan also seems to be seeping into our church as we as a nation and culture are divided to the point we cannot TOLERATE anyone who doesn’t think exactly as we. Political correctness was supposed to make us more tolerant of others not like us, and yet it seems it has evolved in to all these different tribes totally intolerant of the other.
    Now our church , because these beliefs have taken over smart and well-meaning Christians, so that there is division, not tolerance, between those who want communion once a month, and those who like it every week. Further separation is seeping in between those who want to wear a mask inside and those who don’t.
    Our hope is that God will show us how to help unify our members and that your message will be taken to heart for the sake of this wonderful church family we have come to know and love.
    God bless you and your family in these difficult times. We appreciate the challenges you face every day and pray for your pastorship.
    Sincerely, Jody and Tim Yarde

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