Review of Evolution vs. God

Evolution-vs-God-movieThe other night I watch a short thought-provoking documentary entitled Evolution vs. God.  In the film Ray Comfort interviews students and professors from well-respected universities who believe in Evolution but don’t believe in God.  Using a few  simple questions Ray attempts to show that believing in Evolution is a belief based on faith rather than science, and therefore the belief may be dubious.

The video is worth watching. The questions Ray asks are insightful and the responses he receives are interesting. But the film has one flaw. It gives the impression that belief in God is incompatible with belief in any kind of Evolution. And this is simply not true. As the chart below illustrates, there are at least three different ways someone could believe in God and still believe in Evolution.

Views On The Origins Of The Universe

The point is not that Evolution is true, but rather belief in Evolution should not be a road block to belief in God. As Christians we are free to believe a version of Evolution or to reject Evolution in all its forms. Our job is simply to go where the evidence leads and believe (by faith), the view that makes the most sense in light of who God is, and what He has done.


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