When debate is unnecessary…

I love a good debate. But sometimes debate is unnecessary. Sometimes just letting another person talk will expose the absurdity of their beliefs.

Such is the case in this great exchange between comedian Jon Stewart and biologist and notable atheist Richard Dawkins.


Even if I was not a Christian, I think there are at least four assertions from Richard Dawkins I  would  find incredibly hard to swallow:

1. Life progressed from a self-replicating gene (of unknown origins).

2. We exists, simply because of statistical  probability (“a stupefying rare event”).

3. All religion is destructive.

4. Morality is constructed (and we’re more moral than we used to be).


Call me crazy but I think it makes far more sense to believe four counter assertions:

1. An all-powerful God created life.

2. We exist because God made us for himself to enjoy him and his creation.

3. Religion when it reflects the heart of God is good.

4. Morality is a reflection of the character of God and how he has ordered the world.


Richard Dawkins is attributed with saying, “By all means let’s be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.”

Yes. I could not agree more.





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