Maybe We Need More Cathedrals…

You might have already seen this video floating around the internet. But if you haven’t it’s worth a few moments of your time to watch and listen to. The singers are from Iceland and their group is called, Arstidir.  The song they are singing is a 13th century Icelandic hymn entitle Heyr himna smiður (“Hear, Smith of heavens”).

After watching this video my first thought was, we need to start building cathedrals again. But until that happens, train stations will have to do. Enjoy!

For those who are curious, here’s a translation of what they’re singing:

Hear, smith of heavens.
The poet seeketh.
In thy still small voice
Mayest thou show grace.
As I call on thee,
Thou my creator.
I am thy servant,
Thou art my true Lord.

God, I call on thee;
For thee to heal me.
Bid me, prince of peace,
Thou my supreme need.
Ever I need thee,
Generous and great,
O’er all human woe,
City of thy heart.

Guard me, my savior.
Ever I need thee,
Through ev’ry moment
In this world so wide.
Virgin–born, send me
Noble motives now.
Aid cometh from thee,
To my deepest heart.


If you like what you heard, you can find more of their music and videos at


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