What Is The Right Kind of Life?

George Fox was an interesting preacher. But despite his quirks he understood that the Christian life at its core was quite simple. The Christian life was about living the right kind of life. What did that mean? In his Letters he wrotes:

“So, this is the word of the Lord God to you all. Do rightly, whether you be tradesmen, of what calling or profession or sort so ever, or husbandmen. Do rightly, justly, truly, holily, equally to all people in all things; and that is according to that of God in everyone, and the witness of God, and the wisdom of God, and the life of God in yourselves.

Whatever your calling, live in the power of Truth and wisdom of God to answer that just principle of God in all people upon the earth. So, let your lives preach, let your light shine, that your works may be seen, that your Father may be glorified. This has the praise of God, and they who do so come to answer that which God requires, to love mercy, do justly, and to walk humbly with God.

So everyone strive to be rich in the Life, and the thing of the Kingdom that has no end; for the person that covets to be rich in the things of this world falls into many snares and hurtful lusts. Therefore, let the one that buys, or sells, or possesses, or uses this world be as if he did not. Let them be masters over the world in the power of the Spirit of God, and let them know that they owe no one anything but love; yet serve God in Truth, and one another in their generation.”

For George Fox, the right kind of life was a life that lived for Truth and served God and others. For us, this may seem rather ambiguous until we remember that Jesus Christ is the Truth. Therefore to know Jesus Christ is to know the Truth. To live in the power of Truth is to live in the power of Christ. And to serve God in Truth is to serve God in Christ.

The right kind of life is the kind of life that seeks Christ. It is the kind of life that serves Christ. And it is the kind of life that desires to see Christ displayed to others. The right kind of life is not about being perfect or getting everything we want. Rather it is simply about letting Christ use us for his glory and the glory of God the Father.

May God give all of us the desire to live this kind of life!



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