Top 5 Posts of 2015

Hey guys,

It has been a great year!

We’ve covered a lot of different topics. And thanks to your likes, comments, and shares, more people have read this blog than ever before– just over 3,500.

That’s not going to break any records as far as blogs go, but it’s not nothing. And it means a lot to me each time you consider the content on this site worth interacting with on some level.

Speaking of content worth interacting with, here are the top five posts from 2015. These were the posts that you and others read and interacted with the most in 2015.

So in case you missed one of them, here’s my gift to you. Hopefully, they’re still just as helpful as when I wrote them:

  1. The One Big Difference Between Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses

  2. Five Books That Helped Me Learn How to Pray

  3. The best parenting advice I’ve ever 

  4. Should I let my teen go to another church?

  5. Bad Recruiting Day




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