Missions Trip Update

A big THANK YOU to each of you who prayed for our team this last week. We had a great week up in “the Soo“.

Our trip started out a  little rocky. Forty minuets from home our church van broke down.  But thankfully after a few calls, and the arrival of help and a new vehicle, we were back on our way (in case you’re wondering the van is now fixed and back at Fellowship). This was really the only hiccup in our week.

The rest of our mission went surprisingly well.  At our home base in “the Soo” we met our fellow workers,  a church group from upstate New York. They were great. And our teams bonded easily.

During the week our groups combined and broke up into four ministry teams. These teams served together at the church where we stayed and out in the community.

My prayer, among other things, was that as a team we would make Christ known. I really feel like that prayer was answered.

Here are just a few ways Christ was made known this last week:

  • At Kid’s Club we made Christ known to about 40 students through sharing the story of God’s love via skits, story time, crafts, and a memory verse. We also built relationships with them through games, hanging out time, and by just listening to their stories.
  • On the Farm we made Christ known through our team’s work ethic. That crew cheerfully cared for and cleaned up after the animals, and  put up 1,000 feet of fence to make a new goat pen. The owner of the farm commented that she was amazed at their ability to do whatever was needed, work with no supervision, and accomplish exactly what she needed done that week.
  • At the Fairgrounds Christ was made known through the positive attitudes of those who cleaned, painted, and repaired a community building. It was a lot of grunt work, but the team never complained.  And those in the community noticed. Even though the work wasn’t glamorous (or likely even fun) the team served without complaining. And the community leaders expressed over and over again how grateful they were for the help.
  • At the Assisted Living Facility Christ was made known through time spent with the elderly. Most of it was just listening to their stories and joining them in playing leisurely games. But the team also took part in a car wash to help raise funds for the facility. Again their presence was greatly appreciated.

Overall every team member both on our team and from the NY church represented Jesus Christ well. Not only in the community but with each other and with themselves. Honestly, it was one of the greatest ministry groups I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

And I know that it was not a coincidence.

It happened because God called amazing people to his mission. It happened because God called our amazing church to support us. And it happened because God called you to support us in prayer.

And because of all that, we were able to join with the mission of Jesus Christ already happening in “the Soo”, and, along with others, make Christ known.

Of course this is just an overview of the week. If you want to hear more details (and you definitely should) then please take some time to connect with a student or adult from our team. I’m sure they’d be happy to share with you how God used them and others to make Christ known.

Thanks again for all your support!



Prayer Requests

As many of you know, this week I’m serving on a mission trip with 31 other awesome people from Fellowship EPC. We’ll be up in Sault Ste Marie (pronounced Soo-Saint-Marie) MI, doing a variety of tasks.

Our group will be repairing homes, serving the elderly, facilitating a children’s ministry, and working on a farm that uses animals and nature to reach out to and educate local children. It should be a great week!

But I’m very aware that when it comes to mission trips, even short ones, great weeks don’t just happen. God shows up when his people call on him and depend on him. And that happens when people pray.

We’ve been praying for this trip for months now, and there are many great people who will continue to pray for us this week. But I would be very grateful if you’d join them and pray for us as well.

What can you be praying for? (I’m glad you asked)

Pray that:

  • God would be glorified and Jesus would be made known by EVERY aspect of our trip.
  • Each of us, as well as those with whom we work and share, would have a powerful encounter with God.
  • The unconditional love of God would radiate in and through each of our lives.
  • God would put a hedge of protection around the entire trip.
  • Satan would be bound from anything that would hinder anyone coming to know and grow with Jesus this week.
  • All participating on this trip would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • God’s Word would be proclaimed with power and produce life change.
  • God would give us strength and good health throughout the trip.
  • God would protect and provide for family members back home.
  • Divine appointments, both with those with whom we share as well as others we might encounter throughout the week.

If you would pray for any one of those things, I know it would make a big difference on our trip. I don’t always know exactly how prayer works, I just know the more people pray, the more God moves. And this week we really want to see God move, both in our lives and in the lives of those we serve.

Thanks in advance for you support!